Alliance Members and Associates

AarSys AG

Automation and environmental engineering services


Are an innovative service provider in the fields of automationMESdata management & software development. As a general contractor, ACS engineers and technicians implement everything from small scale projects over outsourcing to overall projects. 


As an engineering partner, we make sure that our application software meets the highest quality standards. Furthermore, our software provides speed for your production processes at the highest level and utilising the newest technology. 


ATE S GmbH has 30 years of experience in plant construction and electrical engineering. In addition to plant development the team also takes care of the production of control cabinets, on-site installation, and commissioning of equipment for customers. The company also offers sophisticated solutions for maintenance and service.



Our mission is to contribute to the efficiency of our customers’ installations by offering innovative solutions, which meet their present as well as future needs in the electro-technical, electronic power and industrial automation fields thanks to our know-how and proven reactivity.


We pride ourselves on our large choice of electrical products and solutions that can be tailored to customers’ specifications. 

Fretz Automation

We have over 30 years experience in the life science industry - from instrumentation to MES - in combination with embracing the newest mainstream technologies, standards and methodologies which form the basis for innovative solutions in process control, manufacturing execution and system integration from shop floor to the enterprise levels. 

Interweave GmbH

Our main focus is customized Software. Apart of some governmental clients we do serve SMEs in industrial, manufacturing or service applications. It is our aim to understand our clients needs and to act as an agent of multiple parties, to find synergies to ultimately develop and design practical solutions. Therefore we do embrace not only the purely technical part, but also include the management, the administration, the project leaders, quality ensurance and the entire environment.

From IT, database projects, validation, reporting, process-, industrial and building automation we do embrace a wide rang of services.


A qualified engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor. We work with government and multinational institutions to design, build and maintain electrical power and industrial assets. 

Under the well-guided administration of our Company, we achieve excellent performance and development. Our work experience includes the completion of various projects and services throughout Egypt and the Middle East. These projects have ranged from turnkey projects and complete solutions -such as production lines and full control systems – to simple system adjustments and upgrading. 


We have been an authorised distributor of Rockwell Automation for the whole of the German market since we were founded in 1996. Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative electrical products and long-term solutions and services to support them actively with the their profitable businesses.

Sahara Group

Sahara Group was estblised as an Engineering & Trading company in 1987. We pride ourselves on having almost 30 years of collective technical and managerial experience mostly within multinational companies in Egypt and GCC regions. Although starting out as a provider of measuring and testing equipment, today Sahara Group is a PCIS total solution service provider and a multinational company working throughout Europe and other countries in the MENA region.

Staveb Automation AG

At Staveb, your succcess is our our satisfaction. That is why we do everything we can with our services to increase value for our clients, so that they rapidy achieve a ROI. We are always ready to explore new avenues and exploit the fascinating possibilities of technology.


Mental agility, inventiveness and last but not least, the active promotion of young talent are the driving forces behind our dynamic solutions which in turn benefit our clients.